Monday, October 21, 2013

Say Yes To The Dress

I know I said I would update everything yesterday but plans changed when my son decided to puke all over his room and I had to clean it up. Super fun.

So here it goes. Better late than never. Right? 

Last week was a busy one. My oldest sister Jordyn came into town with her two girls on Sunday and then my other sister Victoria and her soon to be step son came on Wednesday. Victoria decided to fly up for the week so that we could all go with her to try on wedding dresses. Looking at dresses with her was much different compared to the other people I have gone with. Her wedding is slightly different. Let me explain. 

Victoria has been dating her fiance for about 3 years and he has a sweet 5 year old little boy, Brayden. Brayden has become a huge part of Victoria's life and she loves him like he is her own son. Because of this sweet boy their marriage is more like a union of a family. Its not about just Victoria and Robert. Its about the three of them. All Victoria has ever wanted is a family and children and now she is getting both. It is something very special and it is so sweet to see the connection that Brayden has to my sister. His mom hasn't really been in the picture and Victoria has given him something that he has been missing. I am so proud of her for embracing him as her own and providing a love for him that he hasn't always had from a mother. So because of this when we were looking for dresses we knew we wanted something that made Victoria feel like a bride but was also comfortable and didn't take away from the significance of the day. Something that was mature and appropriate for the day. The most important thing to her was that she was able to pick up Brayden, bend down to talk to him, or chase after him (if needed). We found exactly that. The dress is stunning. I cried when she had it on. This was the only one that made me instantly tear up. Luckily I wasn't the only one in the room that had that reaction. We all did. I can't wait to see her in it on her special day. I love my sister so much and I am so excited for her. 

Its always nice when my family comes to town and I love just sitting around talking with them. I was still able to stick to my goal of getting ready every day even if I did change into my sweats before dinner time. Maybe I should invest in some of those pajama jeans. Christmas gift maybe?

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to Yoga this week. We were too busy doing wedding dress shopping and I went couponing on Tuesday at the same time as my class - bummer. I am surprised at the difference not going made. I didn't feel as energized or as calm. As I mentioned before, I have problems with anxiety and with as much as we had going on this week I didn't really have alone time and I realize how much I need that. Yoga helps me relax and breathe and I can just leave all of my problems at the door. So not having that this week was a little difficult. I plan on going tomorrow and I can't wait.  

Lets go back to couponing. Holy bananas people. I got 30 items of $10. Everything I got was $0.63 and under. You read that right. I'm talking boxes of gogurt, cereal, fiber one bars, fruit snacks, etc. Good stuff! Not just stuff I would never use but just bought it because it was cheap. I have to admit that I thought that's what couponing was all about at first, but now I know that its actually something that can save you money on items you buy anyway! WOOHOOOO. I can't even tell you the shock I felt when I saw the total. Oh, and did I mention that I made 6 cents on each tube of Colgate toothpaste I bought? I made money couponing. Best day ever. Couldn't have done it without my sister in law. She's a grocery angel. 

To end the week my sisters and I went out to the Chocolate and got some Diet Cokes and just talked about life. Cake, chit chat, sisters, and diet coke. Just what I needed. Perfect end to a perfect week. 

Oh, and a HUGE thank you to my amazing and generous husband for watching the kids while all of us went to look at dresses. He is a saint and we couldn't have done it without him. Now I know he is capable of handling 4 kids and a baby. Teehee :) 

Speaking of Paul, he started a new job today. Something we are really excited about and a nice change for him. I'm going to miss having him around with me but its so great to see him get excited again. Like a little kid on the first day of school. Today was a little rough with both kids because I'm not used to tackling the day on my own (and they were both up a couple times at night) but it was nice to have some special time with my boys. And I also stopped soda today. It was hard, but I did it! 

Well this blog is getting a little long so I'm gonna wrap it up. Time to snuggle up with some sleepy time tea and my book. 

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  1. Good work sis! I wish I could've been up there with you guys. Love you!